How to Use Free Online Casino Signup Offers


Few things can be compared to the awesome feeling of playing at an online casino and winning real cash. Unfortunately, the internet is full of fraudsters, which is why many people are apprehensive about spending their real money to gamble online. This is where free casino sign up offers come in.

As of 2020, there are over 2800 casino sites active online and this number is set to rise exponentially in the coming years. Considering a large percentage of people don't gamble, those casinos have to huge task of ensuring they get customers and make profits. One of the best ways to do that is by giving free gifts to new players as an incentive to join the casino.

Free casino signup offers are a two edged sword that serves the customers' need to protect themselves and the casinos' need to get clients. Players get a chance to test the casinos credibility and its games and the casino nabs a new client.

Whether you are looking for a good casino, or simply for a good deal to make your weekend, these four free casino signup offers are sure to make you smile.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

By far the most sought-out signup offer is the no deposit welcome bonus. As the name suggests, the casino gives you a free amount to play at the casino without requiring you to deposit anything. The only requirement here is that you have to register a real money account with the casino and provide all the details.

With the free bonus, you can play any game in the casino and win as long as you follow the rules.

No deposit welcome bonus are rare to come by as you can imagine so when you get one you must grab it and run. Most of the time, they are small in nature and come with many conditions.

No Deposit Free Spins

While no deposit bonuses are rare, free spins as a signup offer are not. Almost every casino hands out free spins either as part of a match bonus or a separate bonus. Again, unlike no deposit bonuses, free spins are only used on slots. Depending on the casino, the free spins can be used to play all slots at the casino or only one featured slot. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the bonus offer so you can understand that part.

No Deposit Terms and Conditions to Look Out For


Like any other bonus given at an online casino, free signup bonuses come with terms and conditions. It is crucial that you read and understand those conditions before accepting the bonus and using it.

  • Wagering requirement - this means that you have to play through the bonus a given number of times to qualify for a win. For example, if the wagering requirement is 30x, and the no deposit bonus is $10, you have to play the $10x30times before you can cash any winnings.
  • Validity period - another important thing to check is how long the bonus is valid before it expires. Once you claim the bonus you have 14 or 30 days to meet the wagering requirement or lose it in most casinos.
  • Cashable vs non-cashable bonus - When thinking about your winnings, the bonus can be cashable, meaning it will be part of your winnings or non-cashable meaning it's deducted from your winnings.
  • Withdrawal limit - Almost all free signup bonuses have a withdrawal limit in case you win. Most of the time that limit is $100 and anything more than that goes back to the casino.
  • Games eligibility - Many times, a no deposit bonus is good to play all the casino games, while free spins can play all the slots. However, some casinos will limit the game selection on that bonus offer because it's their right to do so. Make sure you are clear on what games you can play with the bonus and which ones you cannot. Be sure to also understand the games contribution. For example, slots contribute 100% to no deposit offers wagering requirement while games like Baccarat and Keno can only contribute 10% of the wagering requirement.

Only Play at Reputable Online Casinos

Free casino signup offers are undoubtedly the best thing ever invented in the gambling world. However, they should not be the 'be all end all' determinant of which casino you choose. Despite the free sign up bonuses, be careful to only play at reputable casinos that will not swindle you out of your winnings.